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Music Box

Music Box The delicate ballerina‚Äôs twirl mesmerized as it un-wound, leaving only the ghost of music shimmering, a remnant in the stillness of memory, stillness of moments pregnant with possibility, as if another turn could somehow sound my desolate depths…. Continue Reading →

An Evening at Home in an Alien World

An Evening at Home in an Alien World I. Sent forth with hope from a world in peril, the Traveler flees masses destitute, their leaders immoral, their lands sterile, nations embroiled in violent dispute. In a last gasp to save… Continue Reading →

All Hail the Pandersquat

All Hail the Pandersquat Along the grundle vodamen slither, sprickety sprocks shroud ‘neath the gobblespot and hippity hocks flee the pandersquat passing ghastly as the hoopsnot wither. Rising snuffle thumps have drawn him hither to hoop, holler and blither garblesnot…. Continue Reading →

Lessons of a Summer Day at the Beach

Lessons of a Summer Day at the Beach O Mother Earth, in selfish need we grasp for the riches and might of guns and gold. To profit and death we cling ’til last gasp, feasting on your carcass, vultures so… Continue Reading →

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