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In the Beginning

In the Beginning Bored with omnipotence, tired of bickering with brothers, the goddesses begged Mother for meaningful diversion. She labored seven years, hunched over her loom, spinning an idyllic world for her daughters to nurture where lions and lambs cavorted… Continue Reading →

Ghazal for America, 2018

Ghazal for America, 2018 Tell another tale: build a wall high and thick, brick by brick. Kill the sick, grab the chick. That’ll make us great again. Parched of reason, we’re Jonesing for more Kool-Aid. Guzzle it down, quick now…. Continue Reading →

The Hawk…

The Hawk… glides over treetops and rooftops, encroaching upon city limits, ignoring carefully crafted boundaries between civilization and nature as if there wasn’t a difference between the two at all. I don’t often notice its sorties into the realm of… Continue Reading →

Martha Dustin

Martha Dustin “On March 15, 1697, the salvages made a descent upon the skirts of Haverhill, murdering and captivating about thirty-nine persons, and burning about half a dozen houses.” – the opening line of Hannah Dustin’s story as told by… Continue Reading →

When threatened

When threatened Blue ballpoints, bin one. Black, bin two. Red, three. Green, four. Purple ballpoints, blue fountains: there are only four bins. Place on floor. Stomp. Scoop. Discard. Frightened, the world careens out of control. God forbid we get a… Continue Reading →

The day I heard

The day I heard The glass-jaw day winces from the deep purple of the bruised sky, drops in a heap, defeated.

What Must the Trees Think?

What Must the Trees Think? Anger that we lumber their siblings? Terror when the ground we frack? Pity that we have brought ourselves to the brink? Befuddlement at our human quibbling? Despair that they can’t fight back? The willow, bent… Continue Reading →

All Hail the Pandersquat

All Hail the Pandersquat Along the grundle vodamen slither, sprickety sprocks shroud ‘neath the gobblespot and hippity hocks flee the pandersquat passing ghastly as the hoopsnot wither. Rising snuffle thumps have drawn him hither to hoop, holler and blither garblesnot…. Continue Reading →

Alternative Facts: Escher meets Kafka

Alternative Facts: Escher meets Kafka Hooded walkers circle the courtyard stairwell intent on mysterious missions, ascending, descending, never arriving. Hoods up. Get in Line. Eyes straight ahead. Ascending patriots on the left, Descending on the right. Others watch amazed, amused…. Continue Reading →

Living on a Flood Plain

Living on a flood plain Some days it drizzles – a black man’s tail light fails him; a toddler finds daddy’s new toy. Some days it pours – the music stops pulsing for late night dancers, revelers storm the Bastille… Continue Reading →

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