I’ve been dabbling in poetry since 2016. Many of my poems are posted on this web site. I expect to post new poems here too but they might not appear right away. I’ll sometimes go through the masochistic process of sending them out for consideration by a journal so someone else has first crack at publishing my work.

If you want to read my poetry in book form (paper or Kindle), I’ve self-published four short poetry collections. Although these poems are or will be posted on this site as well, I still like holding an actual book. Maybe you do too. And the little bit of the purchase price that will come my way would be a nice encouragement.

Some of my early poetry was also posted on my personal blog which can be found at pieceofthepuzzle.net. Those poems will remain there but are also duplicated here. New poetry (when I decide to post it) will only be posted on this website.