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Finale Cento

Note: I originally wrote this poem as a response to a workshop writing prompt to create a cento, a poem composed of lines from other poets. The cento I created, below, consists soley of ending lines from published poems. This… Continue Reading →

Music Box

Music Box The delicate ballerina’s twirl mesmerized as it un-wound, leaving only the ghost of music shimmering, a remnant in the stillness of memory, stillness of moments pregnant with possibility, as if another turn could somehow sound my desolate depths…. Continue Reading →

Your sons and daughters will prophesy (Acts 2:17)

Your sons and daughters will prophesy (Acts 2:17) (After the image “Humid” by Joshua Eric Williams) Every so often the trees call, needing to impart wisdom. When their mystical chant beckons, I hasten to walk their forest abbeys, silent, listening,… Continue Reading →

Conversations with God

Conversations with God “Turn left,” she says. Confused, I ask “Why?” The black box responds, “Turn left now.” “Fuck that,” I mutter, holding the car’s wheel steady. “Recalculating.” “Heavy traffic ahead,” she says. Wanting an easy ride, I exit. Suggested… Continue Reading →

More American Sentences

More American Sentences Acadia National Park, Maine, 2015         On the mountaintop, fog of a stormy day arrests inspiration.         A box of marbles constantly tipped back and forth, waves pound the rock beach…. Continue Reading →

The Abecedarian Menagerie

The Abecedarian Menagerie (or why one shouldn’t hire an ataxophobic zookeeper with an alphabetical obsession) Alligator and antelope, enough already? Baboon and badger might be a boon, but not boas and bobcats. Camels, capybara, and caribou I suppose will do… Continue Reading →

Growing Up

Growing Up A child giggles with glee. Bubbles float chasing chasing bubbles caught Pop! Gone. Bubbles, giggles, a child with glee.   A youth disdainfully grasps futility within soapy spheres. Futility bursts fragile bubbles. Futility grasps a youth disdainfully.  … Continue Reading →

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