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Learning to drink / memoir

Learning to drink Having learned about sex mostly from my parents’ small stash of pornography, they weren’t much help when it came to drinking. There was rarely alcohol in the house. I had tried alcohol, of course, a swig of… Continue Reading →

Conversations with God

Conversations with God “Turn left,” she says. Confused, I ask “Why?” The black box responds, “Turn left now.” “Fuck that,” I mutter, holding the car’s wheel steady. “Recalculating.” “Heavy traffic ahead,” she says. Wanting an easy ride, I exit. Suggested… Continue Reading →

More American Sentences

More American Sentences Acadia National Park, Maine, 2015         On the mountaintop, fog of a stormy day arrests inspiration.         A box of marbles constantly tipped back and forth, waves pound the rock beach…. Continue Reading →

The Abecedarian Menagerie

The Abecedarian Menagerie (or why one shouldn’t hire an ataxophobic zookeeper with an alphabetical obsession) Alligator and antelope, enough already? Baboon and badger might be a boon, but not boas and bobcats. Camels, capybara, and caribou I suppose will do… Continue Reading →

Growing Up

Growing Up A child giggles with glee. Bubbles float chasing chasing bubbles caught Pop! Gone. Bubbles, giggles, a child with glee.   A youth disdainfully grasps futility within soapy spheres. Futility bursts fragile bubbles. Futility grasps a youth disdainfully.  … Continue Reading →

Ode to a Comforter

Ode to a Comforter Spirits of martyred geese, beautiful honking shitting machines, haunt my dreams on long cold nights envelop me in warmth. ©2017 Kenneth W. Arthur

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