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The Brazen Bard

The Brazen Bard Expeditions are risky. Moonflowers unfold beauty into darkness from which stanzas of our lives flow down the page. Or not. Much too can be said in a short haiku. Or what follows may hollow that first line… Continue Reading →


Desire An impulse, light pressure to fingertips and words form and de-form. The poet, biologist of desire, seeks to discover, to understand life in the vacuum of the heart, sculpts the page, asking it the age-old, or perhaps old age… Continue Reading →

Take As Long As You Need

Take As Long As You Need Apparition of my dreams: forget your temptations of glory. Give up on me! Do not entice me to ascend this mountain when I cannot perceive the peak covered in cloud. Courage melts under scrutiny… Continue Reading →


Poetics A whitewater rapids of tumbling words, flowing fast and furious, threatening to crash, or a decaying tooth holding fast by its roots, refusing to give way, painstakingly extracted. A scientist interrogates the mysteries of the cosmos and determines we… Continue Reading →

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