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Riding a bicycle in a war zone

Riding a bicycle in a war zone   The photo only shows a muddied hand extended from jacket’s blue sleeve palm up in the rubble strewn street fingers curled, nails polished bright red. It was enough. Seeing the image, her… Continue Reading →

Ramblings on the Road

Ramblings on the Road     I. And miles to go before I sleep at journey’s end, if I’m able to sleep. Oh, a moment for relief and respite, a few hours with eyes closed. But, whether it be for… Continue Reading →

Parted Love

Parted Love   I stop somewhere waiting for you now that our roads have diverged and wonder if some path might lead you back to me. I couldn’t explain how to find this scenic outlook where I watch beauty from… Continue Reading →

The End Times

The End Times   (after Asher ReTech’s “Loss for Words”) I stumbled upon the falling-down cabin, abandoned and strewn with decades of rubble, little chunks of struggle and pain, adventure and joy and I return every year to check if… Continue Reading →

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