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The Final Coastline

The Final Coastline (After the image “Lighthouse at the Edge of the World” by G.G. Silverman) Answers must be there. Somewhere. Weathered. Wary. With insight of pleasure endured, agony relished. But life feels like a stranger’s memory, a blurry-eyed drunk… Continue Reading →

Your sons and daughters will prophesy (Acts 2:17)

Your sons and daughters will prophesy (Acts 2:17) (After the image “Humid” by Joshua Eric Williams) Every so often the trees call, needing to impart wisdom. When their mystical chant beckons, I hasten to walk their forest abbeys, silent, listening,… Continue Reading →

Birds in a Mirror

Birds in a Mirror (After the image “Cloud Dance” by Claire Ibarra) Eyes locked with the old man, I’m reminded of stark trees naked in winter branches devoid of color, only a remembrance of beauty. Mottled with imperfection, his body… Continue Reading →

L’ange du mal

L’ange du mal Joseph Geef’s sculpture of the devil was installed in St. Paul’s Cathedral in Liege, Belgium in 1842, but church officials thought his depiction “too sublime” and it was removed to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. It… Continue Reading →

The End Times

The End Times   (after Asher ReTech’s “Loss for Words”) I stumbled upon the falling-down cabin, abandoned and strewn with decades of rubble, little chunks of struggle and pain, adventure and joy and I return every year to check if… Continue Reading →

I Know

I Know (After the image “Floating” by Betsy Mars) The sleeping woman, posed in her sun dress, barefoot, arms tucked into chest, legs drawn up, exudes peacefulness. But as my gaze drops upon her, I perceive the abyss over which… Continue Reading →


Bifurcation (After the image “Chickens!” by Marion Clarke) Two doors by which to enter, the path into myself splits before it reaches the heart. My lies strut, peck the packed dirt clean of tell-tale infestations and kernels that might root…. Continue Reading →

Photograph, 80 years later

Photograph, 80 years later Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. – Dorothea Lange Three children, hands in laps, pose on a log cabin porch behind their young father cradling a newborn babe while… Continue Reading →

Alternative Facts: Escher meets Kafka

Alternative Facts: Escher meets Kafka Hooded walkers circle the courtyard stairwell intent on mysterious missions, ascending, descending, never arriving. Hoods up. Get in Line. Eyes straight ahead. Ascending patriots on the left, Descending on the right. Others watch amazed, amused…. Continue Reading →

Man on a Journey

Man on a Journey (After Joel Sheesley’s painting of the same name.) The man poses in front of the monument, freezes time, preserves a memory to linger over in his dotage. But this isn’t the Great Pyramid or the Lincoln… Continue Reading →

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