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Swimming the Depths

Swimming the Depths Like a shadow or a friend this old companion, shape-shifting cloud, demon / mentor – who can tell? – is always at hand. We deny the shadow we hate, man’s best friend that bites when ignored and… Continue Reading →

Someone said you are what you eat so I asked myself what do I want to be

Someone said you are what you eat so I asked myself what do I want to be To make music in the heart I swallowed an orchestra. I looked at a world filled with war and death, old white men… Continue Reading →

A Dare

A Dare In every last part of our body flows more than blood pumped heart to extremities nourishing cells, cleansing impurities. More than nerves’ morse code pulsed to signal encounters with table legs or direct flexed biceps. I dare you… Continue Reading →

Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance to joy of heavenly hymns, flying unfettered with nary a glance at body’s prison. Legs spellbound with shame no longer, free to be flung wide…. Continue Reading →

If the universe is artist all poetry is ekphrastic

If the universe is artist all poetry is ekphrastic The only condition is your being there and being watchful of sunset brushed onto evening sky, ancient oaks sculpted into forest, elegant swoop of starlings murmuring. When mindless march to quarterly… Continue Reading →

I will not dine on my own bones

I will not dine on my own bones Do not wound me because you wound yourself with delusions and paranoia, building straw multiverses that orbit an oversized ego where you are the only permitted victim, where those who reveal your… Continue Reading →


Premonition “Once you can name something, you’re conscious of it. You have power over it. You’re in control. You own it.” – Robin P. Williams, author Of the forming crystal we must never speak. Something resides at distant congregation of… Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving Laughing and crying, eating of the last sweet bite, pumpkin pie crowned in whipped cream, aunts and uncles linger, trade stories, fresh baked comfort hangs in the air. A cousin complements the cook on the giblet dressing and sweet… Continue Reading →

American Crossroads

American Crossroads For nothing now can ever come to any good, now that justice is dead, swept from the stage of this farce we call America, where manhood is white and carries a gun fired in rage, where guilt is… Continue Reading →


Prisoner Their eyes, a torture of unendurable beauty, ravish with sidelong glances, promise more than can ever be consummated. Flame to my moth, they burn away oxygen, mock the inspiration of my lungs, allow only an eternal sigh. Their eyes… Continue Reading →

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