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Parted Love

Parted Love   I stop somewhere waiting for you now that our roads have diverged and wonder if some path might lead you back to me. I couldn’t explain how to find this scenic outlook where I watch beauty from… Continue Reading →


Cracked You might not believe but I used to walk with senses spread, ears perked for robins rejoicing over unusually warm March days, eyes attentive to shirtless frat boys jogging away winter hibernation. That was before a bit of pavement… Continue Reading →


P.R.A.Y. When I put my lips against your ear and sweet praise preys from my tongue tracing the ticklish helix as it swirls deep toward ego: your beauty brightens my life, your strength is my bedrock, your loving kindness gives… Continue Reading →

I’ve Moved Out

I’ve Moved Out (a Golden Shovel, after Hafiz as translated by Daniel Ladinsky) Shall I look to some mothering God to soothe my pain and kiss my heart-aches or shall I, gutted by the barbs of your words, have nothing… Continue Reading →

Two Who Dare

Two Who Dare We greeted with the choreography of two hesitant mutts sniffing each other out, surrendering an awkward quick pat on the back and pull away of men embarrassed by intimacy, an almost-waltz at arms length, over before the… Continue Reading →


Openings cht      cht plop      plop tok      tok drip      drip What is the sound of water penetrating the crack in the ceiling? tap      tap      tapping into my brain Chinese water torture disturbing my slumber eroding… Continue Reading →

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