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Thanksgiving Laughing and crying, eating of the last sweet bite, pumpkin pie crowned in whipped cream, aunts and uncles linger, trade stories, fresh baked comfort hangs in the air. A cousin complements the cook on the giblet dressing and sweet… Continue Reading →


Happiness It asked a crumb of me and nothing more. Even that I could not give. Joe’s value wanes once cellophane is stripped, scotch tape cut, cardboard lid pried open, and he becomes a GI maimed in the sandbox wars… Continue Reading →


Dredging That’s all that I remember. My mother looking up at six year old me from the bottom of the stairs, telling me grandma was dead. I probably cried when grandma died. I wasn’t allowed at the funeral and that’s… Continue Reading →

Going Home

Going Home Lud’s Burgers is long gone. K-Mart too. Now Walmart and Meijer duke it out across the street from each other, just like any other Michigan city. I’m surprised to see Lee’s Mini-Golf still holds on next to Starlite… Continue Reading →

Photograph, 80 years later

Photograph, 80 years later Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. – Dorothea Lange Three children, hands in laps, pose on a log cabin porch behind their young father cradling a newborn babe while… Continue Reading →

Dear Dad

Dear Dad We were never intimates. Men in our family never talked much. Vulnerability is weakness so we stuck to safe topics. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no animosity either. If there was a need, we did our best, but… Continue Reading →

River or Rock?

River or Rock? (in memory of Orlando: June 12, 2016) The ghost of childhood winters chills the summer heat, skipping across the field behind Bingham Elementary, stopping on mounds of plow driven snow where laughing twelve year olds once gathered…. Continue Reading →

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