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In the Woods

Update: 2023 poetry winners are now posted online. Read my poem “In the Woods” at https://www.westminsterartfestival.org/copy-of-2022-poetry. Very pleasantly surprised that my poem “In the Woods” won third prize in the poetry category at the local Westminster Art Festival. I think… Continue Reading →

To Walk Barefoot

To Walk Barefoot The place where the sidewalk ends: “Here stops safety and convenience, life and civilization.” Do not listen. Do not meekly return to skyscrapers and shopping malls but bend, slip off shoes, slide socks over curved arches, unleash… Continue Reading →

Your sons and daughters will prophesy (Acts 2:17)

Your sons and daughters will prophesy (Acts 2:17) (After the image “Humid” by Joshua Eric Williams) Every so often the trees call, needing to impart wisdom. When their mystical chant beckons, I hasten to walk their forest abbeys, silent, listening,… Continue Reading →


Sacraments An unintentional baptism, canoe livery advised follow river center when we come to whitewater remains of demolished dam. The precipitous plunge briefly thins rushing water, removes its depth, draws bedrock closer. Froth of river’s fury warns of peril while… Continue Reading →

If I were a turtle

If I were a turtle I would bask all day in the hot sun on my favorite log. If I got too warm I’d burrow deep down into the river bed mud. When I was hungry I would catch a… Continue Reading →

Forest bathing

Forest bathing I. … is what the Japanese call a walk in the woods with no agenda, no news of tyrants and atrocities. Embrace oak’s gruff coat, birch’s papery veneer, soak in ancient wisdom of quiet community knowing nothing of… Continue Reading →

On the Edge of Paradise

On the Edge of Paradise unlike         the red maple standing proudly next to church entrance                 her devoted husband on his morning run         the pair… Continue Reading →


Moon-shine The weathered ancient man, face lit by pipe’s glow, arrests my faltering step as autumn crisp invades my lungs. Plump and round, slouched low, his piercing scrutiny shivers my skin, casts intoxicating shadow within shadow. He beckons me to… Continue Reading →

False Spring

False Spring Malady unvaried in monotonous rhythm, my love retires annually to her bed, pushing away all who seek embrace. Pallid and shivering, she slumbers for months until, recovered, she returns to her responsibilities as if nothing had been amiss…. Continue Reading →

Acadian Ontology

Acadian Ontology Printed memories preserve the cool, sprinkling summer morning as I descend the framework of wooden steps to the small deserted bay on the Maine coast. Searching for adventure, I crave profundity in nature’s beauty. An otherworldliness that I… Continue Reading →

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