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Hope or despair, I can’t decide

Hope or despair, I can’t decide Free beer, I’ll say, though there is no free beer. Maybe heaven will serve drafts gratis, a little cheer-me-up to brighten the spirits. If it’s not just a bait and switch where we show… Continue Reading →

To Walk Barefoot

To Walk Barefoot The place where the sidewalk ends: “Here stops safety and convenience, life and civilization.” Do not listen. Do not meekly return to skyscrapers and shopping malls but bend, slip off shoes, slide socks over curved arches, unleash… Continue Reading →

What the world needs

What the world needs Guiding taillights abruptly invisible, I gently step on the brake. Even the centerline fades as thick ground-fog hangs over the highway, camouflages oncoming traffic and the next bend. As I white knuckle my way forward, I… Continue Reading →

War or Peace

War or Peace “One must be cunning and wicked in this world.” – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace wicked and war are easy: do violence channel fear and frustration let it fester into anger and hatred begin with lies lie… Continue Reading →

Recipe for Living

Recipe for Living Sun’s rise whispers of adventure. I burrow deep under the blankets. Mountain men proclaim their awesome view but life happens in the valley. Silent, grateful, I relish the vista. Speaking exposes my folly. Doubtful, I slip her… Continue Reading →

Living on a Flood Plain

Living on a flood plain Some days it drizzles – a black man’s tail light fails him; a toddler finds daddy’s new toy. Some days it pours – the music stops pulsing for late night dancers, revelers storm the Bastille… Continue Reading →

Postscript to Wendell Berry’s Mad Farmer Manifesto

Postscript to Wendell Berry’s Mad Farmer Manifesto Walk a mile in the crazy angry farmer’s overalls and join the ranks of perturbed earth-lovers trying to grow majestic oaks in rank swamp land. Maybe the mad farmer should have gone Luther… Continue Reading →

Lessons of a Summer Day at the Beach

Lessons of a Summer Day at the Beach O Mother Earth, in selfish need we grasp for the riches and might of guns and gold. To profit and death we cling ’til last gasp, feasting on your carcass, vultures so… Continue Reading →

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