What the world needs

Guiding taillights abruptly invisible,
I gently step on the brake.
Even the centerline fades
as thick ground-fog hangs
over the highway, camouflages
oncoming traffic and the next bend.
As I white knuckle my way forward,
I remember soldiers speak of the fog of war,
don’t know where to turn,
what is up or what is down.
Chaos and doubt reign,
cognition stumbles
in this pandemic fog,
fog of lies, false conspiracies and insurrection.

Where is the light the world needs
to warm this bleak morning,
burn the fog away and reveal our path?
The warmth of neighborly neighbors –
this the world needs.
Speak only of what we know to be true:
hibernating trees, slumbering flowers,
a world pregnant with exquisite possibility.
Be a prophet – speak truth and love
to powers which only desire money and allegiance.
Refuse to burn bull shit to fuel fear.
Practice love instead of schmoozing tyrants.
Be a socialist – share with someone in need.
Savor the flight of wild geese
in the way of Oliver and Berry.
Write a poem that, unlike this one, doesn’t suck
but uplifts and magnifies vitality of life,
extols compassion not wealth.
Ask questions without quick answers.
Admit you don’t know,
that you’re unsure and afraid.
Be vulnerable. Look within
and see anew.
This is what the world needs.
More hugs! In a time when we cannot touch:
more hugs. The knowledge of intimacy.
This is what the world needs.

©2021 Kenneth W. Arthur