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In Celebration of the Versatility of the Human Tongue

In Celebration of the Versatility of the Human Tongue Oh, let us wallow in the joys of the multi-talented tongue! How wondrous and magical this pink fleshy lump, this protruding pleasure center, pulling us like an overloaded wagon of sensory… Continue Reading →

More American Sentences

More American Sentences Acadia National Park, Maine, 2015         On the mountaintop, fog of a stormy day arrests inspiration.         A box of marbles constantly tipped back and forth, waves pound the rock beach…. Continue Reading →

American Sentences

American Sentences Apartment, Kalamazoo, MI, 2018         Buried in dirty laundry, the treadmill whispers lies of pulchritude.         Living alone, the dining table becomes a dump for day’s debris.         I… Continue Reading →

Ode to a Comforter

Ode to a Comforter Spirits of martyred geese, beautiful honking shitting machines, haunt my dreams on long cold nights envelop me in warmth. ©2017 Kenneth W. Arthur

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