In Celebration of the Versatility of the Human Tongue

Oh, let us wallow in the joys
of the multi-talented tongue!
How wondrous and magical
this pink fleshy lump,
this protruding pleasure center,
pulling us like an overloaded wagon
of sensory delights through word webs,
flavor mazes, carnal jungles.

Weapon of war
as well as instrument of peace,
gymnastic prodigy
that twists and turns,
rounds and flattens,
shapes and funnels
flow of expelled oxygen
into myriad vibrations of import
so we might pronounce or ponder,
venerate or denigrate,
cajole or command.

We savor its skills,
cheeked in jest,
forked in deceit,
wagged in gossip,
raspberried in disrespect,
displayed in defiance,
scrutinized in health,
knotted in embarrassment,
or twisted in supple dexterity
of wood chucking woodchucks
or pepper pickling Peters.
But beyond eloquent disclosures
of sound and song,
more marvels await.

Judge of culinary arts,
buds burst into five petaled blooms
at touch of delectable tidbits.
In hunger or sadness
promises of joyful satisfaction
tantalize the soul.
Bitter cups of coffee,
sour cheek-puckering lemons,
salty potato chips,
sweet sugary chocolate,
savory creamed soups
span sundry subtle insights
as it ushers us into ecstasy.

Flame, hot and dangerous,
tentatively reaches
beyond our own being
with a quick lick,
ignites our passions.
Ravenous explorer
caresses skin,
tickles toes,
fondles arch of foot
strokes sensuous calves,
embraces valley of bliss,
shivers the spine,
nuzzles nape of neck,
grazes past luscious lips
to wrestle tongue to tongue
before nestling nipples,
traversing treasure trail
to the heart of ardor.

©2018 Kenneth W. Arthur