comforts meant to mollify
tomato soup
grilled cheese
fuzzy throw
wear thin
turn trapped gazes within
hungry for hibernation
deep sleep of serenity eludes
stares into crackling fire
of mind-space
scorching veneer
courting disaster
alices into wonderland
where soldiers hide
cobras catnap
greedy wall street wanker
for every Mother Teresa
shit hole president
for every Martin or Mandela
finds waiting village quilted quiet
cotton balled within its walls
miners huddle in fear
while tiger stalks streets
crazy with need to hunt and run
whether to pillage
or protect
should brave face venture
into this not yet resurrection season
frozen time breath rare
ragged and steaming
a fresh carcass
evade tooth and claw
to reach the pits
a miner maimed
for every gem found
rock falls threaten collapse
with every pierce of pickaxe
best to grab tiger tale
stay home
locked away
leave treasures buried
under ice-entombed village
while hungry tiger roams the streets

©2018 Kenneth W. Arthur